About Tony

Tony Moyle was born in the small town of Shepton Mallet in 1976 and has spent the last four decades attempting to find a third reason for the town to be famous following Babycham and a Frank Bruno World Title fight. Although he studied Chemistry at Exeter University he was terrible at it and instead found a role within the business community. 

After twenty years of deliberation and prevarication he published his first novel, 'The Limpet Syndrome' book one of 'How to Survive the Afterlife.' Book 2, 'Soul Catchers,' book 3 'Dead Ends' followed soon after.

In Feb 2019, Tony started a new historical satire series featuring Dr. Ally Oldfield with the launch of β€˜The End of the World is Nigh.’

He lives in the small town of Ashington at the base of the South Downs national park and regrets still having a day job!


Coming soon...