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Soul Catchers

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The Limpet Syndrome

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Tony Moyle is fast establishing himself as an author with his own original story telling skills combined with an unique sense of humour.
— Myra D
5* - Great fun and another page turner
— Brian Edwards
5* - It’s surreal, zany and amazing good fun
— Colin M
5* - Awesome book! Sequels aren’t meant to be better than the first book, but this one is!
— Carmen M
5* - “Loved it”
— Erica Royn, Ericarobynreads
5* - “The character development was done superbly.”
— Review Tales, Jeyran
“Amazing debut novel”
— Emma Templeton
“A curious concept. In part thriller, comedy and even moral tale. Needed to read to the end as it kept me gripped wondering and worrying about the characters.”
— Richard Twining