Dead Ends Launch

I'm very excited...and a little nervous. Every book launch brings these two competing emotions. Excitement for people to read and hopefully enjoy the story. Excitement that after thousands of hours of craft the work is finished and the next project is around the corner. Nervous because, it doesn't matter how many books you have written, you always feel it. Will they love it as much as I do? Will they find it funny? Will it offer a suitable ending one that rewards the investment they've made in it, whilst still keeping them surprised? Is the continuity right across the three books.

All of this is just part of the weird 'fun' that authors put themselves through. If you don't enjoy that...then don't publish. Authors, over everything else (and believe me the money doesn't come into it) want their readers to be entertained, intrigued, and inspired.

The third book in my 'How to Survive the Afterlife' series is close to launch. It will arrive on Amazon in ebook and print editions simultaneously on 14th July 2018.

Let the rollercoaster begin!

Tony Moyle