Celebrating World Book Day 2018

In a world dominated by technology, today we celebrate the humble book. We all have our favourite. Mine is 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkien, a book I vividly remember being read by Mr Griffiths my Year 4 primary school teacher. I will forever be in his debt. A door into a world of wonder and imagination was unlocked in the 10 year version of me and no one has yet found a way to close it. Little did I know, of course, what was to come. The power of the written word is truly a spectacular tool in inspiring change and discovery.

Thirty years later I find myself developing stories with the implicit wish to inspire someone else. To make them think. To make the feel. To make them wonder. And quite possibly to be the catalyst for their own thirst to bring their imaginations to life. This is why I write books. Not for the glory or the cash. I write so that one day someone will stop me in the street and says, "Mr Moyle, thank you. Your books gave me joy."

World Book Day: Competition

To celebrate 'World Book Day 2018,' I'm offering you the chance to be part of my next release, 'Dead Ends: How to Survive the Afterlife Book 3.'

I write, as some of you will know, about people who have been reincarnated as animals. So the competition is simple. What animal should I introduce into the new book? What name do you want? Entries will be closed on 10th March and one of you will have the joy of knowing you helped design the story...

To enter all you have to do is post your idea on my Facebook page or twitter account:

@limpetsyndrome or www.facebook.com/tonymoylebooks with the hashtag below. Please share far and wide.


Happy reading.



Tony Moyle