Cover Reveal

I remember when the cover for my first book, The Limpet Syndrome, came into my inbox. It was a seminal moment in my fledgling writing career. Ten years after the first word hit any sort of page, the cover created a life for the book. It didn't seem real before that moment, but the picture created a whole new world for the characters and story.

This is a buzz you never get tired of. Although the second book, Soul Catchers, took a great deal less time to write it only came to life yesterday when this picture popped in my inbox.

I'm extremely fortunate to have accidentally found my artist. His style is as unique as his advice and support is vital in creating the right feel for the story. The design is always collaborative. We sit down and talk through ideas as i try to pitch the themes of a book he hasn't yet read. In my mind I have a couple of key requirements:

1. Will it make people think, 2. Will it look good on a t-shirt, 3. Does it grab peoples attention.

The actual design feel is also important, but that's why you need someone you trust. Dariush (the artist) takes these pointers and some rough sketches and uses his own creativity to formulate a design. Once those initial sketches are digitalised I'll give my views and he'll work on the final cover design.

The result is what you see here. All that's left now is to see if the book does the cover the justice it deserves.




Soul Catchers front 1 copy.jpg
Tony Moyle